Bamboo Pipes in the Adirondacks, NY Taking place from 27 September – 5 October 2015, this is an exciting new event for the APG.  We’ve been planning the venture for several years.  It will be a week of pipe-making, music making, and camaraderie for people interested in building and playing […]


Iris Hos-Engelhart and Dorine Maalcke are two Master teachers on the Construction Committee of the Dutch Pipers Guild.  They have developed “closed-end” bamboo pipes – great basses and contrabasses – which are of a larger diameter but shorter length than the usual size, ideal for easier traveling. They will be […]

Staff, Music in the Mountains

At the end of a week’s hard work and fun, teachers and course members will give an end-of-course concert.  The program has not been finalised, but music will likely range from Renaissance polyphony to melodic contemporary pieces. Well-known specialists from abroad will join American musicians in playing bamboo pipes, recorder-like […]

Music in the Mountains – End of Week Concert